Sunday, July 20, 2008

Phil Liggett says SLaB!

Cycling's World Famous Broadcaster, Phil Liggett says I'm Strong, Light and Beautiful!

Wow, it was thrilling to chat with Phil Liggett at Testerossa Vinyards this February pre Tour of CA. Those who don't know of him, aren't watching enough Cycling coverage on Versus (OLN) channel! His distinctive British accent, knowledge, wit and legendary analogies have graced our TV sets for many years. 

At the Testerossa fund raiser, he was charming and funny as he shared real stories of cycling journalism mishaps and schedules, interviewing Lance Armstrong, working with Paul Sherwin, and of course Bob Roll.

As part of TDF month, I am sharing first hand images from the tour, racers, announcers and the like that I've been lucky enough to cross paths with. Hopefully this video plays on your computers okay. ;-). How lucky are we to have such a famous voice say our cycling groups name?!

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