Thursday, July 10, 2008

Russian Ridge; Smokey Oaks & Golden Trails

SLaB Wednesday Evening ride
July 9

Bev, Alex and Rachel practice skills on a hot and smokey evening up above Los Altos. A short sub-5 mile loop was all we could take with the air quality. It still offered golden beauty of the fields on top of the ridge, and mystical relief in the shade of the ancient oaks. A couple tries on a challenging root stair steppy up - and we laughed how the super beginner tried without hesitation, Rachel & I had to intellectualize what the best way to clear it was. 

We took multiple turns re-doing it, and broke through our mental barriers. Eventually we caught up to Alex who was happily enjoying the peaceful view a ways up the trail. This is - I've decided - the perfect beginner trail. Endurance wise it doesn't have a huge hill climb - and you can keep it a short distance ride. Has a few roots to try, some up and down woopdie whoops, views and speedy fire road or trail... if you like that stuff. ;-)


spicefish said...

Oh this was fun. But I found it aerobically quite challenging. Maybe it was also the heat.

SLaB said...

Hi girly! I thought about how that was written after I posted it - it definitely gets the heart rate up - but being shorter - I think of this as less endurance, I think I'll edit the post to say that actually! You DID GREAT! We all did - you are a natural dirt, rock and root girl! We'll all get our endurance up - and be rolling with the pro's soon! Thanks for commenting - Slab girl Bev