Sunday, July 20, 2008

Old La Honda - an old friend

37 miles! Yay! Today we rode a road ride that I haven't done for at least a year! It included the famous Old La Honda climb of about approx 3.4miles and 1260ft of elevation gain.

Apparently the record may still be held by Eric Heiden - yes, another reference to the speed skater in my blog - who did it in 14ish minutes. (Lance apparently did it in about 15 minutes). 

To help motivate me - Slabber Stephanie said... "it's like visiting an old friend". Encouraging me to take my time - and go my pace. I don't measure my times or wear a heart rate monitor when I am just getting back into the game. I'm just proud to be out there at all! I think my time on Old La Honda is over 30 minutes. How much over - is my secret. I do remember when I did have my computer on my bike... there were times I went as slow as 4 miles per hour and I remember seeing maybe 8 mph in other spots. 

It's a lovely climb that is winds around a narrow road with homes at first, then mostly Redwood trees that tower over you. Even goes down to one lane, and you practically could touch a Redwood with both left and right hands if you were like an 8ft tall person.  
This was my view for most the ride... the back side of Terry, Mike and Stephanie. I'm okay with being the slower in the group - we have fun - they wait for me - and all is good!

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