Monday, July 21, 2008

Bike Commute update - Whole Foods

Earlier this summer I posted my experience trying to be as car-less as possible in Cupertino. The LARGEST Whole Foods that recently opened being my main discussion. It has a lack of employee bike storage, so they use the racks in front of the store. Leaving customers with little options. I wrote to the HQs & Store itself  & am happy to report they did respond in email.
Image above is of a family finding creative places to lock their bikes on July 4 at Whole Foods. Terry & I brought our bikes inside, there was no room on the racks, or to safely find a place out of the way of getting banged, scratched, or messed with!

YES, the store responded to my queries, HOWEVER, the reply from headquarters said "thanks for the input, and that they fwded to the store and they will look into if there is a need for additional bike racks..." yada yada. The store itself replied:
Hi Beverly!

Thank you for your comment. We also have another bike rack near the produce entrance around the corner from the shopping carts that is never utilized. Please feel free to use this one when all others are full. If this one fills up I will look into purchasing another.

Thank you again and happy biking!


Dominic Gerardi
Associate Store Team Leader
So my husband and I investigated. Here is the "additional" bike rack that there is NO WAY I would as an employee, put my transportation at risk on, nor as a commuter consider attaching my multi-hundred to multi-thousand dollar bikes to. It has clearly been hit by delivery trucks several times, and was off it's bolts, bent and dented. ;-) 

Thanks for the options Whole Foods - I think NOT!
Please get active, and go to your local markets or where ever you shop, and encourage them to provide safe bike parking for their employees, and for their customers!

I joined the Go By Bike Challenge of 1 World 2 Wheels - and pledged to run my potential 51 round trips a month - of about 220 miles (groceries, coffee, work) - via BIKE. See the widget on right column. Join me!

I'm trying to be the change I want to see - small steps - but maybe they'll be contagious! 

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