Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nemo flew from the nest!

I think it was this morning. I saw the parents, hopping and flying around. Noticed a 3rd bird... and went to get the camera. I didn't approach the nest until this afternoon, and found it EMPTY! YAY! He is self sufficient hopefully, and off on his life adventure! I'm so happy I somehow helped this little guy have a life. He would have died on the ground a week ago! 

Amazing how many feathers he grew in 7 days! Just so beautiful! Thanks for all your letters and help in identifying our little Ca Towhee!

I took this last picture of him last night. He ducked down afterwards, and hid as best he could. Nemo was getting real big for his nest! Just as the information I read said - it was 8 days in the nest (well he probably had a few extra days before his accident, but it was 8 after my rescue!).

Heading out to the Wednesday night ride soon for SLaB - see a few of you on the trail tonight!

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spicefish said...

This is so great! Little things can make big changes. Isn't it amazing how fast a guy like this is ready for life? And some of us humans are not even ready for life by the time we are retired. Weird. Does this mean, the simpler one's life, the easier we cope? I must say I get pretty overwhelmed with life's choices sometimes. Might never happen to little big Nemo.