Sunday, July 27, 2008

SLaB Skills Clinic July 27

SLaB ladies met up for a beautiful morning of 
mountain bike skills training in Cupertino today!

(Jodie mastering straight line riding with ramps & logs to boot)

We had ladies from an avid "roadie" first time on a mountain bike, to one who hadn't ridden a bike in 25 years... and never a mtn. bike, to one who commutes on a single speed to work, but technical trail obstacles still mandating a dismount and walk on some trails. [names for each undisclosed to protect the embarrassed ;-) ]. 

Special thanks to SLaB operations of Terry (my husband) and special guest Rob who came perfectly timed to help disassemble the log board and teeter totter!

Each improved or learned new skills, and my only regret... 
didn't get a group photo of all of us - with our SLaB jerseys post ride!
(Joann concentrates while riding the teeter totter successfully! 
She rode one of our GT demo bikes, until she gets her own bike.)

It's a MOVIE!
(Rhonda impresses us all, with overcoming some fears, and rolling down 4 stairs! Very cool way to end the day!)

We were all "totally SLaB"!

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