Saturday, July 26, 2008

TDF fun

We hosted a ride then watch the TT (Time Trial) party today - 3rd annual of such fest's. Gave prizes in the category of YELLOW-most French like; POLKA DOT-commentator imitation; and GREEN-to the attendee that came from the furthest without driving!

YELLOW went to Martin and Rene as they are "most racer like" then French like -  but deserving, as he did something like 75 miles today, and still functioned, she ran some kind of enormous half marathon or something like that. Prize wine was a Yellow Tail Reserve from Australia... hoping to predict Cadel Evans in Yellow, but just wasn't his day. A tough decision between prize winners, as debatable as to whether Martin came the furthest - as he rode to the party as well as Michel, but as part of his "other ride" hadn't ridden our TDF group ride. The officials had to methodically flip coins to precisely make the final decision.

POLKA DOT went to Athena - not for any type of commentator imitation, but the REAL DEAL! She drove from the farthest distance, brought the most goodies (Farmers market bootie) and kept climbing up Montebello when the hostess (ahem... me) turned around to go home. We still owe you the bottle of "Red Bicycle" wine -  forgot to award this before you left!

GREEN went to Michel. Holy cow, he commuted via bike with zero carbon footprint... and on an ancient steel Sirrus Specialized bike no less - deemed "Le Anchor". Using his old bike, and not consuming more than his share by buying a new one yet - easily gives him this award hands down. 

It's not about the bike! We could have given Michel and Christine the full lot, just like often a yellow jersey holder is also a points holder, and mountain jersey leader... a they were definitely the most "French like" being actually from Belgium! They clearly had the best accents. But Green it was - and they took home a "sustainable Red wine"- California grown!

Tomorrow - the Champs ElyseƩ~

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